Decorative Concrete

Ecomix unravels its most revolutionary product in the world of decorative concrete solutions, known as the ‘Decor’. This premium landscaping solution is a combination of exceptional visual appeal and excellent craftsmanship for retaining walls.

Our objective is to assist you in unlocking all the creative possibilities in the realm of landscaping and interior design. Therefore, with a wide range of applications, right from framing decorative concrete block walls in your luxurious apartment to stunning breeze blocks in your dreamy villa, Décor seamlessly blends both functionality and aesthetics. For customers who are willing to transform their spaces, Décor is the perfect innovative solution partner.

Not just homes but even massive infrastructures at gigantic developments benefit from our polished wall decorative concrete. You can add character to the premises with decorative concrete backgrounds or create intricate patterns and textures with stamped concrete in other amenities of a gated community or outdoor spaces. Décor is a universal key to making a bold statement, whether you are an architect or a designer.

We work in sync with your decorative block design visions by leveraging both strength and stability equally. Thus, from residential spaces to commercial ventures, our long-lasting concrete solutions push the boundaries of what’s possible with concrete. Décor is more than just a cement concrete product; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to breathing life into the living spaces and redefining the commercial environment globally.

We are dedicated to turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with some more cement concrete block alternatives like hollow concrete blocks and cinder blocks. So, brace yourselves to witness the versatility of the Décor, as this decorative concrete solution is your go-to choice for turning your background texture ideas into reality!

Technical Specifications

  • Pedestrian movement/Jogging & cycle track: Minimum grade M25 & minimum thickness 75 mm
  • Light vehicular movement: Minimum grade M25-30 & thickness minimum 100 mm
  • Heavy vehicular movement: Minimum grade M30 & thickness minimum 150 mm

Application Areas

  • Landscaping in residential & commercial spaces
  • Footpath, jogging & cycling tracks
  • Kids play arena
  • Walkways in garden and entertainment areas
  • Parking bays and patios


  • Guaranteed assurance from design to installation
  • Customizable design - build your own according to your specific needs or choose from our already existing designs
  • Strong, durable and low maintenance landscape
  • Easy and safe pedestrian movement
  • Prevents growth of weeds
  • No settlements