Litecon Concrete Solution

Are you seeking a top-tier concrete solution for towering structures with unparalleled efficiency? Ecomix introduces Litecon Concrete, a high-performance filler that significantly reduces dead weight in your projects with its proficiency to lighten the load. Specially engineered for construction, this material is a definitely a revolutionary solution for all your needs.

Unlike traditional concrete, it resembles strength for decades without degrading the quality. Streamline your construction process without any obstacles such as poor standards or performance.

As much as the burden, as much as the Litecon becomes favourable owing to exceptional lightweight properties, make it the ideal choice for projects. It ensures a solid foundation, whether crafting intricate architectural designs or erecting skyscrapers, minimizing unnecessary load on your structures.

So, elevate your construction game with Litecon Concrete by Ecomix, a lifetime confidant for builders who give precedence to efficiency, durability, and innovation. Unravel the power of Litecon and be the spectator of the transformation of your construction. Experience the projects reaching new heights, from load to luxury!

Technical Specifications

  • Available in structural and non-structural grade.
  • UltraTech Litecon (structural) has a density ranging from 1700 - 1800 Kg/m³ and above with strength up to 30 MPa at 28 days
  • UltraTech Litecon (non-structural) has a density ranging from 800 - 1500 Kg/m³ and above, with strength ranging from 1 to 5 MPa at 28 days
  • Thermal conductivity of UltraTech Litecon at 800 Kg/m³ is 0.236 W/mK at 1200 kg/CuM is 0.270 W/mK


  • Higher profitability due to reduction in dead weight by up to 50%
  • Faster coverage due to quick convenient work
  • Fewer labour required
  • Thermal & sound insulation reduction in differential temperature by up to 8°C
  • Excellent workability

Application Areas

  • As a base course under tiling and sunken slab Heat Insulation Decks and Roofs
  • On flat as well as sloping roofs with varying thickness (250 mm to 70 mm)
  • Light weight screeds on cantilever balconies
  • Non-structural smart filler applications
  • Filler in precast