Ecomix has empowered concrete applications with its pioneering product called Rapidmix. You get both exceptional strength and ease of disposition, owing to this high-performance solution. No matter how challenging are the repair jobs, this innovative concrete mix is designed to offer strength and stability together. It is surely the key to accomplishing unparalleled speed, confidence, and excellence all at once.

Even in demanding construction scenarios or when you are jeopardized to expedite timelines, Rapidmix is the go-to solution because of its fast-setting capability. Within a minimum of 6 hours, you achieve workable solidity for any kind of urgent project. Repair the intricate details overnight and see the effective result post-completion. As complex the scenarios, as flexible and agile the Rapidmix with which you are dealing!

The product is established from our well-constructed mixing plants, enabling its versatility and making it a valuable asset in both large-scale batching plants and on-site applications. The product is also compatible with various concrete mixers just as seamless as it is while integrating into existing processes. This overall enhances the efficiency of your concrete operations.

Witness the speed meeting the strength with Rapid Mix Concrete and embrace the future of concrete technology! Optimize your construction timelines without any hindrance with this cutting-edge product. Bid adieu to conventional constraints and welcome new possibilities without compromising on quality with Rapid Cement Mix from Ecomix.

Technical Specifications

  • Required strength can be achieved at 12/24/48 hrs for repair works


  • Reduces stripping time for repair works
  • Reduces de-shuttering time for RCC structures thus doubling the number of rotations of formwork