One of the most unique concrete solutions that Ecomix presents to you is Thermomix, the one with great thermal capacity. The construction industry hugely benefits from this by safeguarding its structures from cracks caused by heat owing to its ability to store heat. Irrespective of the environmental fluctuations, whether windy monsoons or temperature-induced summers, it is a strong defense against all sorts of vulnerabilities effective in both heating and cooling systems.

Thermomix is a pioneering product that goes beyond the usual constraints of concrete owing to its unparalleled thermal mass, a core element meant to elevate the heat capabilities of various establishments such as buildings or commercial sectors. Since it is a high-grade heat transfer concrete, it is also instrumental in mass foundations and rafts. With a cutting-edge composition, Thermomix allows precise absorption and release of thermal embodied energy, making it a go-to passive solar design alternative for projects that are highly exposed to different temperatures at a greater risk.

The specific heat levels that are formulated with the excellent performance of Thermomix assure an effective resistance to temperature variations as it stores and releases heat. Other than increasing the structure’s lifespan, it brings along sustainability via improving energy efficiency, which is yet another critical factor in today’s age in materials such as concrete. If you are willing to comply with ecological practices, Thermomix with robust thermal performance comes to your rescue.

Even in air-conditioned spaces, Thermomix serves as a strategic ally due to its thermal conductivity cutting back on the impact of temperature imbalance on formational solidity. To maintain a consistent interior environment, its enhanced thermal qualities come into play and make it a great substitute for survival settings.

Thermomix with its wide range of exemplary features highlight Ecomix’s dedication to extending the boundaries as the building industry ascends the era of smart materials. Remember, you don’t build mere structures, you build a promising future by investing in thermal properties of Thermomix as it combines both high specific heat capacity resilience and construction material excellence.

If you are seeking thermal mass material for building envelopes or aiming to develop other building material, Thermal Concrete is your ultimate solution that absorbs heat!

Technical Specifications

  • Differential temperature <20˚C
  • Core temperature <70˚C


  • Prevention of thermal cracks
  • No rapid loss of workability of concrete
  • Lower placement temperature of concrete
  • Provides end to end solution