Who We are

An Overview

Headquartered in Mumbai, ECOMIX is a product of a vision to provide the best to our customers. We believe in building a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime, hence, today we stand tall being your trusted partner in providing top-of-the-line ready mix concrete solutions tailored to your unique needs. ECOMIX is proud to be a joint venture of Aspect and Speco Group, combining the expertise and resources of two industry leaders as one of the top ready mixed concrete companies in India.

With a commitment towards excellence, transparency, and sustainability along with a great passion for building the nation, we are your one and only source for your ready mixed concrete requirements for the construction site.

Our fully automated, state-of-the-art plant delivers quality concrete with benchmarks set higher than the industry standards. Our pillars of strength, our skilled engineers, and a dedicated workforce ensure every batch of concrete produce is beyond exceptional as we aspire to become top Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturers in India. With efficient machinery and a production plant that is a testament of greatness, we produce over 1 Lakh plus cubic meter of RMC on a monthly basis, which is the maximum any concrete plant can produce in our industry.


Our vision goes beyond the horizons of just making high class concrete, we want to become innovators of tomorrow and build a future where concrete is a cornerstone of sustainable and enduring structure. We want to be the backbone of your progress and work towards serving our community to our best possible capabilities as Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers.


We are driven by the mission towards nothing but the best to our partners in the most economical and sustainable way by supplying quality ready mix concrete in Mumbai. We want to become a force in the construction industry known for our commitment towards providing the best quality Ready Mix Concrete and continuously exceed our partners expectations.

Our Values

  • Provide nothing but the best to our partners who put their trusts in our hands
  • Be a brand which is customer centric and ensures 100% customer satisfaction
  • Ensure a safe working space for our labourers and management
  • Care for the environment and ecosystem we are a part of
  • Be accountable for all our actions and commitments
  • Foster an environment where we encourage innovation and create value addition to the society

Our pride lies in what we deliver

Unparalleled Quality

Concrete at ECOMIX is manufactured in state-of-the art facilities, using the finest raw materials and fully automated cutting-edge technology by adhering to stringent quality control measures ensuring our concrete consistently exceeds industry standards. We leave no room for compromise!

Customized Solutions

Every project is unique, and to cater to our client’s special needs to the core our team of experts customizes the concrete mix to suit specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and durability.


We are your partners of trust first. Our products are tested rigorously at every stage along with our efficient logistics and well-maintained fleet of concrete mixer trcks, you can rely on us for your ready-mix concrete whenever and wherever you need it. With a fleet of over 50 concretetransporting trucks, timely delivery is guaranteed! Further, to ensure end to end transparency we have a dedicated section on our site devoted for our clients where they can check our day-to-day workings.


Our Team

We are a team of 150+ strong workers continuously functioning to serve you which includes our managers, engineers, technicians, workers, truck drivers, and administrative staff. We rely on their expertise as they are the driving force behind ECOMIX. We also have a retired policeman who brings discipline and fosters a positive working environment amongst the staff. This is our small initiative to make the working environment feel more secure and develop a culture of integrity and proper regulations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We continuously invest in the latest technology and innovation as one of the largest manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of our operations. Our computerized batching system, real-time monitoring, and quality control protocols guarantee precision and reliability in every batch.

We have also installed a specialised Water Chilling Plant where we can keep concrete cool even during hot weather. Using this technology has enabled us to:

  • Control the rate of setting
  • Reduce the plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Reduces slump loss
  • Prevents early cutting

It helps us in conducting smooth operations and allows us to meet our promise of timely delivery to our partners.


Safety Standards

As one of the leading Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturers in India, safety of all our workers is non-negotiable. We have cultivated a culture where safety comes before anything. Every worker on site is fully equipped with a vest, a cap and rubber shoes which are mandatory to be worn while working. We also have a housing arena where the lodging, eating, and sanitation of all our workers is taken care of. There are also training facilities provided to each worker on the safety measures to undertake while they are working on batching plant site as we are firm believers that people are our biggest assets. Our work is planned in a way where safety for every coworker comes first and we invest time and efforts especially to make our trainings as detailed as possible which resonates with every labourer in the field. Thus, by incorporating safety upfront, our production outcomes as a Ready Mix Concrete Supplier are even better.